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Creating a Climate Action and Resilience Plan for Springfield

The City of Springfield is launching a process to develop the City's Climate Action Resilience Plan (CARP), with funding from a National Disaster Resilience grant from the United State Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The goal of this plan is to ensure that

  • The City of Springfield can adapt to and thrive despite the extreme weather, heat, and other impacts of a changing climate.  
  • Communities that have been most impacted by pollution and climate change benefit from the plan.

Partners for a Healthier Community is working with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) and Arise for Social Justice on outreach and engagement of residents and key stakeholders. In addition to residents, we will be working to solicit input from leaders of local businesses, academic institutions, and community-based organizations about their concerns, suggestions, and best practices on how to reduce energy use and make Springfield a resilient, healthy city.

Ways to Get Involved:

Climate Action and Resilience Survey

Take the Climate Action and Resilience Survey to tell us what you think need to be done to protect our neighborhoods, reduce energy use and ensure that the city is ready to respond and recover from climate chnage.

Community Meetings

Join us at the following resident meetings for an interactive event to look at the opportunities, assets and challenges the City faces to address climate change:

Background documents on the Climate Action & Resilience Plan

Learn more about the process

Strategies for climate resilience in different sectors: