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Western Massachusetts Casino Health Impact Assessment - Now Available!

January 9, 2014

The findings of the Western Massachusetts Casino Health Impact Assessment are now available - view the full report, the executive summary, or a two-page, brief overview.

The Casino HIA was conducted to assess the potential health effects of a new casino in Western Massachusetts and to make recommendations to mitigate negative and enhance positive predicted health impacts. The Casino HIA was initiated because of questions and concerns raised by community members about how proposed casinos would impact health. The Casino HIA focused specifically on how the proposed western Massachusetts casino would impact health through the following health determinants: jobs and employment, access to local casino gambling, traffic, and crime and public safety. These areas were prioritized for inclusion based on community input and a review of impacts in the scientific literature. The Casino HIA Project aims to raise awareness among decision makers and the public, so that action can be taken to promote the most beneficial health impacts, before final agreements or policies are adopted. 

The Casino HIA Project would like to thank the many local and regional community members and organizations that provided input and feedback. Your input was crucial to the successful completion of the project and in ensuring that the assessment focused on community priorities and was reflective of community needs. We would also like to thank the many content and technical experts that provided guidance to us throughout the process and took the time to review and provide feedback on methods and drafts. Finally, we would like to particularly thank our Advisory Committee members for their commitment to this project and for the time and energy spent working with us.